Aug 21, 2024

MTSS & Graduation: Enhancing Outcomes with Maro

MTSS & Graduation: Enhancing Outcomes with Maro


Graduation rates are a critical measure of success for K-12 schools, reflecting the effectiveness of educational strategies and student support systems. Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a proven framework that can significantly enhance student outcomes, including graduation rates. Panorama Education provides robust tools and resources that can optimize MTSS implementation, ensuring that every student has the support necessary to reach graduation. This article explores how K-12 district leaders can leverage Panorama Education to strengthen their MTSS framework and boost graduation rates.

Leveraging Panorama Education for Effective MTSS Implementation

1. Data-Driven Interventions

Panorama Education’s platform offers powerful analytics that enable schools to implement data-driven interventions. By integrating data across attendance, behavior, and academic performance, Panorama helps educators identify students at risk of not graduating early in their educational journey. This proactive approach allows for timely and targeted interventions, significantly increasing the likelihood of student success and graduation1.

2. Streamlined Progress Monitoring

With Panorama’s Interventions and Progress Monitoring Toolkit, schools can easily track the effectiveness of MTSS interventions. This toolkit includes free templates and worksheets that simplify the documentation and analysis of intervention strategies. Schools using Panorama have reported that what used to take days to compile now takes just minutes, enhancing the efficiency of monitoring student progress towards graduation1.

3. Enhancing SEL to Support Graduation Goals

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is a key component of the MTSS framework that directly impacts students' academic persistence and success. Panorama’s SEL assessments measure students' competencies that are crucial for graduation, such as self-management and relationship skills. By aligning interventions with the Loved, Challenged, and Prepared Index, Panorama ensures that students not only meet academic benchmarks but also feel supported in their social and emotional development1.

4. Professional Development for Sustained Impact

To sustain and enhance the impact of MTSS on graduation rates, continuous professional development is essential. Panorama Education facilitates group learning experiences, workshops, and tailored training sessions that help educators effectively implement and maintain MTSS practices. These professional development opportunities ensure that the entire educational staff is equipped to support students effectively throughout their academic journey1.

5. Community and Family Engagement

Engaging families and the community is crucial for reinforcing the educational and emotional support students receive at school. Panorama provides tools that facilitate communication and collaboration with families, making them active partners in supporting their children’s path to graduation. This holistic approach fosters a supportive network around students, which is vital for their success1.


Implementing an effective MTSS framework is key to improving graduation rates in K-12 schools. Panorama Education offers the tools, resources, and support necessary to enhance MTSS implementation, from data-driven interventions and streamlined progress monitoring to comprehensive SEL support and community engagement. By leveraging Panorama’s capabilities, district leaders can ensure that all students have the support they need to successfully graduate and thrive beyond school.