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we help families navigate tough conversations about mental health, diversity, empathy, and puberty

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Engaging content
parents can trust

Engaging content
parents can trust

the wisdom of leading adolescent
development & mental
health experts in the
palm of your hand

Journal to detect
concerns early

because one of the biggest reasons mental health concerns go undiagnosed is a lack of consistent information

Journal to detect
concerns early

We did the research, learned the facts
& distilled it all down to just what you need to know.

Plus, you teach with your values.
We don't tell you how to parent; we just make it easier.

Why parents love maro

These are some of the topics we cover

Mental Health

depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders, body positivity, emotional disorders, eating disorders, learning disorders, mood disorders, suicide


body image, periods / menstruation, period care, personal hygiene, birth control & contraception, pregnancy & reproduction, sex

Empathy & Diversity

race, healthy relationships, parent-child communication, mindfulness, boundaries, consent, bullying, gender, sexuality

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