Let mental health boost your classroom.

Maro makes mental health an asset to student success instead of a roadblock.

Help your school go from reactive to proactive with assessment, education, and care navigation tools.


Assess students for mental health concerns Monitor student health reports


Refer students to outside clinical support fast Avoid waitlists with virtual and local options


Clinically accurate, contemporary curricula Trauma-informed professional development

Advance beyond SEL.

There's no doubt that SEL is important, but today's kids need more.

Youth mental health is in a state of crisis, and the issues leading to increased rates of mental illness and suicide must be confronted head-on.

Maro directly addresses anxiety, depression, suicide risk and more by combining the power of education and early intervention. 

Truth is, mental health makes its way into the classroom every day.

Increased behavioral issues

Students with emotional disturbances are 27 percent more likely to have received disciplinary actions in one school year. National Center for Special Education Research. (2006, March). Facts from NLTS2: School behavior and disciplinary experiences of youth with disabilities. https://nlts2.sri.com/fact_sheets/2006_03.html

Decreased grades

Anxiety, stress and depression are the most prevalent obstacles to student learning for grades 6-12. YouthTruth. (2022). Insights from the Student experience, part I: Emotional & mental health. https://youthtruthsurvey.org/emh/

Increased absences

Students with a mental health disorder miss 25.8 days of school per year on average in grades 11-12. Lawrence, D., Dawson, V., Houghton, S., Goodwill, B., & Sawyer, M.G. (2019). Impact of mental disorders on attendance at school. Australian Journal of Education, 63(1). 5–21. https://doi.org/10.1177/0004944118823576

Here's how you can break the cycle with Maro.


Boost student mental health & performance.

Equip students with the knowledge, coping skills, and resilience they need Identify and help students with a mental health concern flying under the radar When student mental health is cared for, attendance and performance increase across the board

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Care for and guide your staff.

Make staff feel empowered with resources designed to help, not overwhelm Save counselors hours of extra work helping struggling students

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Offer peace of mind to your whole community.

Help you and your staff feel confident that you're approaching the youth mental health crisis head-on Keep families and community members assured and in the loop with ease

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How Maro works

The Continuum of Care

Assess & Refer

Proactive Support

✓ Clinically validated assessment tools (anxiety & depression) ✓ Track parent consents ✓ Refer students to clinical support quickly

✓ Mental health lesson plan content all year ✓ Trauma-Informed professional development ✓ ESSER funding eligible, Safer Communities Act & more

Keep Families Involved

✓ Easy parent permission options ✓ Reinforce learning @ home ✓ Communicate referral plans ✓ Navigate culturally competent care

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