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ya mama said what?!

"SO needed. I really thought I was prepared until the time came."

- Emily, mom of 2

"Oh my gosh. This is genius. I was on the phone with my sister YESTERDAY telling her that I froze when my 4-year old asked about a tampon. It's hard to know how much information to tell them or what will make sense to them."

- Jena, mom of 3

"maro is a digital replacement for a wise friend we all wish we had... it allows users to confide in a friendly, judgment-free, expert that prepares you to have real, and sometimes difficult, conversations with your children."

- Sean, dad of 1

"The stories, books, videos, etc are incredible resources for those dealing with mental health issues of their own or their child’s, from ADHD and anxiety to depression and more. So many moments of clarity when working through the content. Sharing with every parent I know!"

- Rob, dad of 3

"I don’t want my kids to go through what I did. I’ve actually been looking for a resource to help me talk to my son about respecting women."

- mom of 2

"I greatly appreciate that this app is making an effort to meet parents where they are on mental and sexual health. Having a professional source of knowledge will be invaluable to my child's development."

- mom of 1

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