Jan 5, 2022

In-Person Learning

In-Person Learning

5 SEL Tenets for Reintegration Into In-Person Learning

5 SEL Tenets for Reintegration Into In-Person Learning

5 SEL Tenets for Reintegration Into In-Person Learning

As K-12 district leaders navigate the transition back to in-person learning, the integration of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is crucial to address the emotional and mental health challenges students may face. This article outlines five essential SEL tenets that can support students during their reintegration, aligning with Maro's commitment to transforming mental health into a pivotal component of student success.

1. Prioritize Emotional Safety

First and foremost, schools must create a safe emotional environment. This involves training staff to recognize signs of distress and providing them with the tools to respond appropriately. Maro's trauma-informed professional development programs (coming soon) equip educators with the necessary skills to support emotional safety in schools.

2. Foster Strong Relationships

Rebuilding relationships will be key in the transition back to classroom settings. Encourage teachers to spend time on team-building activities that foster a sense of community and belonging. Maro’s assessment tools can help identify students who might be struggling with isolation or anxiety, allowing teachers to tailor their approach to meet these students' needs.

3. Encourage Open Communication

Open lines of communication between students, teachers, and parents are vital. Regular check-ins can help gauge how students are adjusting and provide them with an outlet to express their concerns or anxieties.

4. Integrate SEL into Curriculum

SEL shouldn’t be a standalone program but integrated into the daily curriculum. This integration helps students apply SEL skills in real-world scenarios. Maro provides clinician-reviewed, contemporary curricula that can be woven into everyday learning experiences, enhancing the relevance and impact of SEL.

5. Utilize Data-Driven Insights

Using data to monitor students' progress and well-being can significantly enhance the effectiveness of SEL programs. Maro’s tools allow for the continuous monitoring of student health reports, enabling educators to make informed decisions that support student well-being.

The reintegration into in-person learning presents unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of SEL. By prioritizing emotional safety, fostering relationships, encouraging communication, integrating SEL into the curriculum and utilizing data-driven insights, K-12 district leaders can ensure a smooth and supportive return to school for students.

Maro’s comprehensive suite of tools and resources stands ready to assist schools in implementing these tenets, making mental health a powerful asset in educational success.