We help schools
solve dire challenges with youth mental health.

How we do it:

Content so good,
it doesn’t feel educational.

  • Roadmapped for the entire school year
  • Medically accurate, grade-appropriate & evidence-based
  • Digital, modular lesson plan content

On-demand PD

Audio-based, so teachers can learn when they have time:
on the home → school → home commute.

  • Trauma-informed training
  • Available 24/7
  • Content covering violence, suicide prevention, eating disorders, neuro-diverse student support & more

Universal Mental Health Screening & Follow Up Care

Maro streamlines the process of implementing anxiety and depression screening in schools.

  • Identify at-risk students early
  • Refer them to the follow-up care they need

Reinforce learning across home & school

Maro is already parent approved.
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